Success Stories


Our clients are our inspiration and we are honored to have played a part in their amazing transformations!

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I represent the 50+ crowd - and I’ve never looked or felt better in my life! I do just one class a week – a fast paced Saturday morning bootcamp with the amazing Julie at 8am, and that fits my hectic schedule. Or we’ve worked out in the gym, and I love that, too. I’ve gotten results that make me look like I am 17 again! I’ve dropped body fat, built muscle, improved my core strength and stamina, and have an hourglass waist. The energy you’ll get from taking care of yourself by working out is a great exchange. You’ve found the best at FIT4U: a great facility, and an owner and trainers who really care about helping you push through to the next level of fitness.
Julie has been my trainer since 2012. She has helped me become stronger and much more agile. Since I am 74 years old, I have had a great amount of benefit from her training. Not only is she knowledgeable about the training needs for persons of my age but she is patient, personable and kind. I travel about 30 miles three times a week to see her because I have so much trust in her ability to help keep me healthy.
At age 61 and weighing more than I ever had at 285 pounds, I knew that my Cardiologist was right when he insisted that I hire a personal trainer to make me be accountable so that I could be healthier both mentally and physically. After getting a reference from a fellow employee at work, I met with Michael Worley (owner) of FIT4U Facility and told him what the Dr. had suggested and we started just over 3 months ago on June 1stwith the goal of losing weight and toning muscle. Along with a healthy diet that Michael suggested and 3 and ½ months of working out 4 times a week for an hour, I have lost 48 pounds and 16 plus inches in measurements as well as keeping my body fat below 26%. I honestly feel 10 to 20 years younger, and healthier than I have since being in my 30’s. My goal initially was to lose about 40 or more pounds, and with the help of Michael and his other trainers I am sure that I will set a new goal to lose 60 or 70 pounds and continue working out for the rest of my life to be mentally and physically fit. I will be FIT4George for sure!!!!!
I have been a Fit4U client since February 2014. From the moment I met Michael, I knew he was the person that would help change my life for the better. I weighed 385 pounds and since joining I have lost almost 100 pounds. I feel great, have seen a huge change and have kept the weight off the right way. Michael and his staff are fun to work with. They challenge and push me, catering each session to my personal goals. I've been very impressed by their passion, knowledge, and ability to connect, encourage and motivate each individual client. They've truly been a life saver!
I have worked with Jessica for a few months. She has motivated me to work harder and I have noticed stronger core and shoulders. She has also brought back the muscle tone in my knee after my surgery. We discuss my eating habits and I have lost pounds, inches and my BMI has gone down. She also changes up my workouts and listens when I need to modify. I enjoy working out at FIT4U and having Jessica as my trainer!